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QUEERBERRA is a book of portraits by photographer Jane Duong and Victoria Firth-Smith created in 2017 during the defining moment for equal rights, the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. This book contains a kaleidoscope of Canberran allies, asexual, bisexual, cisgender, drag king + queens, fluid, gay, gender non-conforming, intersex, lesbian, monogamous, pansexual, polyamorous, transgender, Queer, questioning and rainbow people. It can be rare to find imagery representing the everyday lives of LGBTIQA+ people in Australia, this book depicts 100 images of love and pride, of home, the ever-changing concept of family and self. Queer life happens beyond pride parades, and this archive honours the places where we felt safe and proud to be ourselves during a watershed moment for our community. Buy the book at the National Library of Australia or the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. $5 from every book sold is donated to Meridian in recognition for their valuable and dedicated work in the ACT.